Who We Are
We concept art
Concept art is design to color your home.Paint provides high quality painting and decorating services for your home or business. With more than 10 years experience we are a  highly recommended and respected decorating service, providing you with a painter who will understand and meet your needs. We will decorate your house like it was our own - to perfection. And we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service.​​
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The Team
Qualified, experienced professional painters & wall decoration painting.
  1. Sharon Porter
    We go in detail to your business and residential design by just asking your needs for example: a painting, mural, interior paint home, exterior or a web design etc...
  2. Charles Morgan
    We go in detail to your business if you need a business logo, interior designer, illustration for your magazine, or more just let us know.
  3. Anne Potter
    If you have any questions, please visit our Support Center where we have lots of helpful articles that will assist you in creating the website of your dreams!
 Walter Madrid. 
I started drawing since I was a young boy and my main inspiration Mickey Mouse cartoon. Drawing books was my tablet and pencil was my friend; I brought it everywhere I went. I know I drove my parents crazy constantly asking for more paper art books!

Through grade school and high school I never lost the interests in art and I went through dozens of art classes, drafting, photographic, 3d modeling, art mask, charcoal pencil, water, latex, oil, woodcraft, computer repair, server, interior design, web design, and hundreds art design of experiments and including my own optical-imprint business.

I attended living-arts-college in NC and got a degree in 3d Animation Degree in Science  and have run an independent business as computer technician and graphic designer studio for the last 10 years.  Some examples of my work can be found on this site http://opticalimprint.weebly.com/index.html…many, many more are available at my studio home.
Today's thought:  And the Lord said unto Cain, where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I known Am I my brother's keeper  Genesis 4:9